Jaw crusher

Jaw crushers are the machine used for size reduction of large material into smaller pieces. Jaw crushers are heavy-duty machines mainly used in mine processing plants to crush rocks into smaller sizes.

Use of jaw crushers for size reduction of grains/food materials is limited in food industry.

jaw crusher

How do jaw crushers work?

Jaw crushers has two vertical jaws: One is stationary and other is moving.

These two jaws create a V-shaped cavity in which large size materials is crushed by compressing it. This chamber is called as crushing chamber. The top of this crushing chamber is larger than the bottom.

When operating, the movable jaw compress the feed material and crushes the material between itself and fixed jaw. Both jaws forms ‘v’ shape and crushed material passes through small openings provided at bottom.

The animated video of working of jaw crusher can be seen by clicking jaw crusher metso.

The demonstration/practical of laboratory scale jaw crusher can be seen by clicking Jaw Crusher Practical or Demo in Mechanical Operation

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