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Personality development tips

Note: This post is written as reply for students wishes on Teachers day, 05 September 2021.

What do you think for words ‘Personality Development’ ? Chances are high that you think about celebrities, fluent speakers, well dressed persons, disciplined persons, succesfull entrepreneurs and many more like these.

You are not wrong if thinking so. But in the roots of all successful persons, some quality characteristics exists by virtue of they become succesfull in their field. You must work on adapting such quality habits to develop overall personality and to become more successfull.

Personality development is a continuous process and you should always try to learn and implement new things in your working field.

Some effective personality development tips are discussed here.

  1. Plan your work
  2. Manage your time
  3. Update yourself
  4. Be a good listener
  5. Leave comfort zone
personality development
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Plan your work

It simply means that dont go for unplanned work. Write down what you want to do? Now make some action plan on how to do this task? You can think about some experts in that field. By planning now, you will save time in future. Planned work also produce good results.

Manage your time

You probably read about how time is important. Time is equal for all but some persons get excellent results with limited time while some are always demanding more time. Think time as super precious and divide it in some small time frames. Now try to use this each small time frame in productive way for completing some goal as possible as you can. You can plan some tasks for next day on evening of previous day and assign them with some timeframe.

Update yourself

Today we are living in ‘information age’. Each day something new is happening in your working field too. You must have a information on what is changing for you? By updating knowledge, you will get more accurate view about changing things.

Be a good listener

This is quality which you must learn for effective public dealing. A good listener always get some knowledge from every person he meet. By asking questions, you can get more in-depth view of the topic. This is useful when you are listening your sector specific experts and discussing with them.

Leave your comfort zone

Comfort zone always pull you below than your potential value. Do not fear about new place, new people, new responsibilities. To leave comfort zone you have to think one step higher than your existing thoughts and you will realize what is best for you.

By working on these small yet effective habits, one can sharpen his/her personality skills and get new opportunities in their respective working field.

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  1. It is so true but sometimes it becomes difficult to leave our comfort zone due to thinking future threats beyond comfort zone.

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