Traditional storage structures

In traditional storage type of storage structures the grain is usually stored in bulk. The capacity of such storage structures is 1-50 tonnes. Grains are stored in such storage structures in rural and urban regions of country.

1) Morai type of structure

Morai type of structure is used for the storage of sorghum, paddy and maize and sorghum in the eastern and southern india.  Capacity of morai structure varies from 3·5 to 18 tonnes. These structures resembles to shape of an inverted cone. The improved type of Morai structure has circular wooden plank floor which is supported on pillars. A 22 gauge corrugated metal cylinder of 90 cm height is nailed to all around wooden floor. 7·5 cm diameter paddy straw ropes are placed inside the cylinder which starts from floor level and up to height of 90 cm. Bamboo splits without gap are fixed vertically along inner surface. Height of these bamboo splits are fixed equal to the total height of storage structure. Grain should pour with bamboo splits in vertical position up to height of metal cylinder i.e. 90 cm.  By then keeping bamboo splits erected, winding of the rope is continued with pouring in of grain at same time. After attaining required height top most ring of rope is fixed. 1 cm thick mud plaster is then applied over rope to provide a smooth surface. A conical roof is placed on the top of the structure.

2. Kothar type storage structure

These are used to store sorghum, wheat, paddy, maize, etc and capacity of these varies between 9 to 35 tonnes. This box type storage structure is made of wood and raised on pillars. Improved Kothar structure is made of 5 cm thick wooden planks and beams. The storage structure is raised on timber post (1.5 m height above the ground). To avoid rat entry, rat proofing cones are provided on all posts.

traditional storage structures
Wooden Houses in remote areas of Uttarkashi depicting the rich architectural background of local folks. (Source: Kothar : Indigenous Technology of Hills Article by Rajender Bisht)
Traditional storage structures - My E Blackboard
Kothar : Indigenous Technology of Hills (Source: Kothar : Indigenous Technology of Hills Article by Rajender Bisht)
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