elt and pour soap making

Melt and pour soap making

Melt and pour soap making

Melt and pour soap making is a process of making bath soaps in easy way. Many types of herbal soaps can be made by melt and pour method.

Cold process soap making is another method to make soaps which needs different fats, oils, lye, molds, blender etc. This process need more time than melt and pour soap making. Handling lye solution also needs great care as it can burn skin if lye solution splashes on the skin while soap making.

Melt and pour soap making on the other hand is easy process, which makes the soaps in less time and in safe way. Many skin friendly herbal ingredients can be added in melt and pour soap recipe.

In this blog post, you will know step by step procedure for making melt and pour soap with blending of lemongrass essential oil for fragrance.

melt and pour soap making
Procedure to make melt and pour soap

Assemble all the ingredients and equipment required for making melt and pour soap. For writing your notes be ready with notebook and pen.

Ingredients and equipment needed for making melt and pour soap
  • Soap base
  • Knife or cutter for cutting soap base into small pieces
  • Stainless steel pot for melting soap base
  • Induction/Gas stove for melting soap base
  • Silicon spatula for stirring the molten base
  • Soap colours
  • Aloe vera gel (or any herbal ingredients suitable for melt and pour soap)- Optional
  • Glycerin as moisturizing agent (Optional)
  • Lemongrass essential oil for fragrance (You can use other essential oils too based on your liking)
  • Silicon molds
  • Packing and labelling material
Detailed procedure to make melt and pour soap
  • Measure a known quantity of soap base and cut it into pieces.
  • Melt pieces of soap base using double boiler method. Double boiler method uses two pots, one filled with water and other having soap base. Outer pot containing water is heated and pot having soap base is kept in hot water.
  • Once soap base is melted, add soap colour, aloe vera gel, glycerin in it and stir well to mix all the ingredients.
Melt and pour soap making - My E Blackboard
  • Add lemongrass essential oil just before pouring molten base in silicon mold.
  • Pour the mixture in soap mold.
Melt and pour soap making - My E Blackboard
  • Allow to harden the soap for some time in mold and then remove it from mold.
  • Your melt and pour soap is ready to use now.
  • Use plastic wrap and heat sealing machine to cover the soap. Paste the label on it. You may use paper box to pack this soap.
Melt and pour soap making - My E Blackboard

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